How To Stop Hair From Being Damaged

The weather generally doesn’t stop you from outdoor activities. You put on sunscreen to protect your skin during the summer, and gloves and scarves to protect you during the cold. But how much love does your hair get during this time? Beyond shoving it in a hat, probably not a lot. So, in return, here are some ideas to help protect it while you’re going about your life.


First Off, Keep Your Scalp Clean

You might think regular shampoo is the answer for this. But it’s not. Take a moment to read the ingredients of what you’re putting into your hair. If you’re three words in and you feel like you’re failing a science exam then you’re probably putting your scalp in detention. There are natural solutions to having a healthier scalp. We know because we make them. Our products are natural derived and do not include any harsh chemicals that may be harmful to your hair or clog your follicles. So not only will they protect it, but they will help them heal.


If Your Hair Style Is Hurting You, It’s Hurting Your Hair Too

With great hair comes great hair-responsibility. It’s easy to take all those luscious locks and toss them under a hat or in a pony-tail when running out the door. But if you’re finding discomfort while confining your hair, then you’re probably hurting it. It’s not a game of tug of war. Take a few extra moments to let your hair be free. Plus, that’s where all the compliments come from.


Get it Out of the Heat and Cold

Sure, we just scolded you about shoving your hair in a hat, so how are you supposed to cover it during rough weather? A loose-fitting hat, a nice hoodie, all these can be your friend. But there’s more than just the heat from the Sun. Blow-dryers, curling-irons, straighteners can do far more damage than the outside can ever do. We’re not saying to avoid these things, but if you plan on using them, check out our selections of products to help protect from the heat.


Break it off with Your Damaged Ends

The ends of your hair have seen a lot, they are the oldest parts of your hair. You can see their scars in their split ends. It’s a good strategy to cut them every 6 weeks or so. By using healthier products in your hair you see a very noticeable decrease in split ends. You can grow your hair out in half the time.


Stop Experimenting with Chemical Based Solutions

Your hair wants to be healthier, naturally. The idea of putting chemical filled products in your hair to help restore just doesn’t make sense. We have clinically tested and proven products that are plant-based. So give your hair the love it deserves.


Brush Your Hair When It’s Wet

A comb or brush has much more success with wet hair. You’ll find far less breakage. Plus doing this will help give your hair more time to dry naturally.


Take Extra Care of your Hair After You Color it

Dying your hair can damage it. But this shouldn’t stop you from coloring it. We understand that often hair can be an artist’s palette and we make products to help support that. Our products not only help your hair stay healthier after coloring, but also help the color last longer.


Be Careful How You Towel Dry

So first you’re telling me a blow-dryer is dangerous, but now a towel too? Well, it’s all how you use them. Never rub out water, you should always pull out dampness by wrapping the towel around your hair. Rubbing your hair damages it, especially when it’s wet and it’s most vulnerable. You’ve got a lot of things to do when you get out of the shower, let your hair be last.

Damaged hair is frustrating. Everyone’s hair reacts differently and that’s okay. We make products for every hair. Take our Hair Quiz today and see how you can start repairing your hair, today. We are excited to see how it works for you. 

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