Five Things to Consider When Facing Hair-Loss

Even more so, “Why is it starting in the first place?” The answer to that question often depends on a few factors: Who were your parents and grandparents? Have they lost a lot of hair? What does your daily routine look like? Are you stressed? What does your diet look like? Answers and solutions to these questions will depend on who you are and where you come from. If you take the time to look around in your life, you might find a few of the things that have sparked your hair loss.

Mind Your Hormones

Hair loss can often reflect what is going on with your hormones. Is there a trend of male or female-patterned baldness in your family? Have you recently stopped taking or switched birth control?
For those of us with specific inherited hormones and who have hair-loss in the family, we can often think that there isn’t a solution to hair-loss and it’s just the way it is. You might be tempted to take certain chemical heavy medications like Rogaine. The idea behind the drug is that it thickens your hair follicles and creates extra hair growth- which can also lead to you growing hair in places you haven’t before. But this solution isn’t a guarantee for everyone.
There are many considerations to taking Rogaine. One would be if you’ve switched or started taking birth control, this can cause a spike in hormones. Anytime you’re adding or reducing heavy medications in your body it’s good to keep in mind how it will affect you physically.

How is Your Vitamin Intake?

Like medications, it’s good to understand what and how many vitamins you’re putting into your body. A lack of vitamins like zinc, iron, protein or vitamin B can result in hair starting to fall out of your head. Taking extra supplements of these vitamins sometimes reverse this. However, taking too many vitamins, particularly vitamin A, can also result in hair-loss. It’s about balance. Understand what your body needs and what it already has.

How are You Managing Stress?

Factors like high fevers, blood loss and surgery- anything that puts extra strain on your body or mental health can cause stress leading to hair-loss. It’s good to find routines and habits that keep you calm, collected and healthy. Meditation, daily exercise, better diets and avoiding obvious stressors in your life are all positive ways to avoid hair-loss. Hair falling out of your head might just be a sign for you to take a look at your daily life and evaluate how often you are feeling stressed out.

Be Careful with How You Style Your Hair

Too much product isn’t a good thing. The roots in your head can start to become irritated or dry out when you use too many chemicals and gels. And tight braids and specific hair styles can also put a lot of strain on your head. Let your hair breathe and be itself as often as possible. And when you do add product to your hair, consider alternatives like coconut or olive oil rather than shampoos and conditioners with much harder chemicals. These oils can also protect your scalp from dryness and sun damage.

Have You Taken A Natural Approach?

If you change what you eat, you feel better. If you change what you put in your hair, it will be better too. Imagine a natural approach to making your hair stronger. REVIV3 is committed to using the highest quality active ingredients for scalp skin care. It’s an all-natural solution to thicker hair. That means it is sulfate-free, drug-free, and paraben-free. There are sodium benzoate or sodium chloride. If you have no idea what any of these ingredients are, then what business do you have putting them in your hair.

Let your hair heal the natural way and see how Reviv3 can get you back on track to having healthier, thicker hair again.

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