5 Triggers Of Female Hair Loss

Our bodies are many times a mystery to us. They react differently for different people. Some of us can’t eat dairy, others are easily burnt in the Sun. There’s no single “how to” list we can all follow. So, often we’re shooting from the hip when it comes to discovering why our bodies do the things they do.


Hair loss is high on the list of things to comprehend.

Understanding how hair grows is knowledge we feel pretty good about. Hair grows in cycles. One cycle is anagen which is the first growth phase. 90% of your hair is this. It can last anywhere from 2 to 8 years. Hair generally grows about 1 cm a month during this time. The longer the phase, the longer your hair will grow. Everyone’s duration is different. It’s why some people can’t grow their hair as long.


Another phase is called catagen. This is a transitional stage and lasts for only a few weeks. Around 3% of your hair is in this stage as we speak. During this stage hair growth stops, the root begins to shrink and hair becomes inactive. It’s not a fun stage for anyone. No one wants a scalp populated with dying hair.


The last stage is telogen. It’s the third act of the play on the theater of your scalp. This is the “resting phase” of the growth cycle. Nearly 8% of your hair is currently at this stage. It’s a slow death that plays out in about 100 days. On a regular basis you can lose over a 100 hairs a day. Normally it can go unnoticed. But when your hair cycle is disrupted your hair loss becomes far more prominent. Let’s talk about some reasons why this could happen.


Dramatic Weight Loss Causing Hair Loss

One of the other things we don’t understand about our bodies is how to maintain a proper weight. It’s not uncommon for us to put on a few pounds now and then, it’s also not uncommon for us to make a drastic change that brings on a massive weight loss. It’s not always good for you to do this and can put your body in shock. Your hair can be affected this way.  


Anemia and Losing Hair

Related to putting your body in shock is anemia. This is defined as a low number of red blood cells. A deeper definition is low hemoglobin which is the main protein in your blood. When this is low your tissues and organs are not getting enough oxygen. From this you could experience fatigue, body pain, and of course, hair loss.  Women are more likely to experience anemia. It’s often passed down through your genes. It is also related to periods and to pregnancy when your body is requiring a higher blood supply.


Too Much and Too Little Vitamin A and Hair Loss

You probably didn’t see this coming. Your body has a fine line when it comes to your intake of vitamin A. First off, when your body is deficient in vitamin A, it can produce an energy-conserving reaction. During this your hair cell regeneration, and growth slow down. It can force hair into the telogen phase longer than normal.


Instinctively you would want to raise your levels of Vitamin A, but too much can have the same results. Vitamin A is fat-soluble so your body stores more than other vitamins. Too much vitamin A can cause your hair follicles to reach the end of the growth phase at a much quicker rate than it wants to, the results being your hair falls out faster than the body can replace it.


Losing Hair Due to Your Hair Style

This type of hair loss is called “Traction Alopecia”. Pulling your hair back too hard in specific styles such as ponytails, braids, or corn rows can cause permanent damage to your hair follicles. If your hairstyle is causing you physical pain at any time of the day, it might be time to think of a new one. This is a subject we continue to discuss on this blog.


Age and Hair Loss

This one you probably saw coming. Getting older and hair loss go hand in hand. Women over the age of 40 can see an unwanted increase in hair loss. There are solutions that are proven effective and safe for your hair that can slow down and even stop the hair loss. So, aging gracefully is a lot easier than you think.


There are other issues related to hair loss such as chemotherapy, specific medications, menopause, or just down to the heredity hair losses from your family history. You don’t always have control over these, but you can at least combat them. Reviv3 is truly a one-of-a-kind hair treatment that is clinically tested and proven for you to experience fuller, thicker, more luxuriant hair growth, without any harsh side effects. This is because our products are derived from natural, plant-based ingredients that work as a combination of the best stuff for healthy hair growth. Your hair doesn’t crave chemicals, it craves nature, so give it that. Take the Reviv3 30 day challenge and take the first step to having the hair you’ve been missing. We know a lot about hair loss and we have a passion for helping those with it.

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