Healthy Hair Begins with Your Scalp

We spend a lot of time talking about hair loss, but we can’t forget that a healthy head of hair is rooted in a healthy scalp. The health of your strands is important, but the health and condition of your scalp makes a huge difference in the health of your hair by lowering the rate of your hair loss and improving the overall look and texture of your hair.

Poor scalp health is indeed an alarming problem but don’t worry, it’s what we think about every day!  REVIV3’s three-part system improves the overall health of scalp by targeting your scalp skin’s pH, reducing inflammation and delivering essential nutrients to your precious strands at the same time.


Scalp Care for Healthy Hair

When it comes to scalp care, it is worth noting that hair structure is composed of two parts. First is the hair fiber that is visible and experiences the effects of environmental or weather damage, and the second is the hair bulb on the dermis level.

The hair bulb is the place where your hair is produced, so bringing active ingredients to the scalp can boost your hair for better locks. No matter if your scalp condition is dry, itchy, oily or flaky, a little care and proper application of products can go a long way.

For example, if you have a dry scalp, apply a little more PRIME Conditioner+ to the scalp using a gentle massage for a few minutes before rinse. Similarly, if you’re trying to fight off oil or acne then your scalp treatment should consist of taking extra time when using the PREP Cleanser.

Keep in mind, scalp skin is actually made up of thousands of glands and pores on or just below the surface. It causes the skin to shed dirt and impurities while producing sweat and oil. Just like healthy soil full of nutrients is needed to grow healthy plants, a healthy scalp with proper nutrients is needed to grow healthy hair.


Benefits of Keeping Your Scalp Happy

Scalp treatment is one of the most underrated services. If you want healthy hair, you need to nourish the foundation at the scalp. Many of us unknowingly live with poor scalp health, but as we mentioned there are ways to treat and prevent that. There are so many other benefits of a scalp treatment. Let us discuss some of them here.

Unclogs Blocked Hair Follicles.

If you have oily hair, you are more susceptible to clogging as the oil combines with environmental debris and residues from styling products and create clogs which can cause thinning hair over time. REVIV3’s 3-PART SYSTEM is a reliable way to remove clogging on the scalp and reduce inflammation.

Give your scalp a gentle massage when using PREP and PRIME in the shower, and especially when using TREAT. A gentle massage can help to push the follicles around and loosen stubborn clogs.

Keep in mind, clogged follicles can also result in a lack of hair growth. By unclogging those follicles and resetting the sebum production levels, you allow your hair to return to the time it didn’t need to work so hard to penetrate through all that blockage.

No More Dandruff  

Dandruff doesn't have to be an embarrassing thing anymore. Dandruff can be caused by either too much or too little oil production. However, oil on your scalp is not the only thing that will result in a dandruff problem. Many other factors can also cause it, like you may have a stressful month or your scalp is having a reaction to dust particles in the environment.

Whatever the problem, proper exfoliation with PREP helps you to get rid of all that dead skin followed by conditioning and moisturizing. Hence leaving a layer of fresh, healthy skin that also promotes healthy hair growth.

Slows Scalp Aging

We usually don’t think about it, but our scalp ages too. We become more vulnerable to hair loss, thinning and greying. However, if you keep your scalp stimulated while consistently delivering balanced nutrients, aging of the scalp can be slowed. Just like good skin care for your face and body, proper scalp care can have a dramatically positive effect on your scalp, and ultimately on your hair.

Improved Circulation

This is kind of a big deal! As with the rest of our body, better circulation leads to better nutrient absorption and our ability to remove toxins. Treat Micro Active treatment is specifically designed to increase circulation on the scalp and protect follicles against environmental and chemical elements that can act to inhibit healthy hair growth.



The skin on your head is just as important as the skin on the rest of your body and even more so when it comes to the health of your hair. Just by adding a few easy steps to your daily regimen, you can be well on your way to a happy scalp and luscious, glowing and healthy hair.

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