The Best Ways to Treat Your Hair When It Starts to Gray

Time catches up with all of us, some sooner than later, and it is important to remember that your hair is one of your first impressions when you meet new people. While the stigma of graying hair might make you feel old, the reality is those gray hairs took you time and effort to earn! There are many options out there to take care of your beautiful silver hair. The list is exhaustive, you could find color treatments, styling tips, spot treatments, changing up your hair care routine, it goes on and on. Most importantly, do not start plucking your hair out, as that is always an unhealthy option. You can find longevity and comfort with your looks through some hair care and patience. Having a solid hair care routine that you can trust should be on the top of your list when it comes to caring for your gray hair. At Reviv3 we carry several products containing vitamins like B6 and B12 that can be considered “anti-aging” help. Positive impressions may be what you’re after, but never forget your true beauty.

What’s happening when our hair turns gray?

As we age, and our hair ages, our once glimmering locks begin to become less coarse, gaining a finer texture as the production of oil from the glands in our scalps lessens. This leads to a drier feeling hair, lacking shine. You have so many options with your look, and you should be encouraged to go with it! While you could simply dye your roots and hide your color, you might find that this will make your hair even drier than it was before. You don’t want your hair to be dry and thin, but you also don’t want to chemical bomb it with dye and expensive hair care products.

Enrich your hair - bolster your hair care routine

Reviv3 certainly focuses on helping people that might be losing hair but, we also have a plethora of wonderful vitamins, natural plant-based extracts, peptides, and minerals built in that will also help your hair to retain some of its lustrous shine and volume. Using the Reviv3’s three-step system, you can find a way to avoid your grays becoming wiry and dry. This system prides itself on making your hair up to 300% stronger and reducing the amount of breakage in your hair by up to 75%. Our products will turn your scalp health around entirely, from dry and breaking hair to that shine you’ve always been looking for.

Protect your hair from heat

Additional heat can also cause your graying hair to become drier and more brittle as it gets thinner, thankfully Reviv3 has a product that can help. PROTECT Thermal Protector is a leave-in conditioner that provides detangling, protection from UV rays, and a strong moisture retaining capacity for your hair. It is free of all the nasty things that can clog the pores on your scalp and contribute further to unhealthy hair.

Moisturize as much as possible

With the MEND Deep Hair Repair Masque you can add moisture to your hair to reduce frizziness and regain your natural elasticity. This is a great product for those of us who may have tried to hide our graying roots in the past with chemical hair dye. This product repairs that damage and reduces the chemically induced stress of our hair. The repair masque can help you have an all-day shine.

Embrace your natural hair

Don’t fret over hair that is turning gray, instead look at your hair care routine and find a way to maintain your natural looks. The three-step system includes shampoo, a moisturizing conditioner, and a leave-in treatment that will help your hair avoid the known stressors of your scalp. You have so many options to find things that will help your hair out there. These products will lead you and your aging look into a prosperous and beautiful future. Check out the products in the Reviv3 shop. We have customer service representatives on hand to answer any and all questions about your hair care preferences and routines. You will be making strong impacts on people you meet with your lustrous hair through boosting your hair care routine, protecting your locks from heat, and moisturizing as much as possible. Step out there and be bold with your new look!

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