Our Top 11 Hair Care Habits to Avoid

Reviv3 Procare has brought you a number of hair care tips over the past year, whether you’re trying to prevent hair loss or keep your hair moisturized and vibrant throughout the day. But what bad habits do you still have in your hair care routine? Are there things you are doing that is drying out or even damaging your hair? We’ve created a list of 11 habits you should be avoiding in your hair care routine and what to do instead.

Not Allowing Your Hair to Dry

One issue that almost everyone has with their morning routine is brushing or styling hair while it is still wet. Wet hair is more elastic and easier to break. Allowing it to dry first will help reduce split-ends and keep your hair healthy.

Sleeping on Cotton

Sleeping on cotton is basically allowing your hair to be pulled and teased all night. Our pillowcases can be incredibly fibrous and your hair gets caught in them instead of holding its own shape throughout the night. Consider using softer pillowcases made of materials like silk or satin. Not only will your hair thank you but you may find you get a better night’s sleep!

Using Heating Tools with too Much Heat

A common mistake many of us make is heating up our styling tools much hotter than we need to. This leads to evaporating out the moisture of your hair and a lot more split-ends. The ideal temperature for styling is right around 365 degrees. We do offer Reviv3 Protect that does a great job of protecting your hair from heat of up to 425 degrees. 

Wearing Buns, Braids and Ponytails too Tightly

Wearing buns and braids is a quick and easy way to get us going in the morning but they also can cause a lot of wear on our roots, especially when you use metal clips or nylon. Putting your hair up occasionally is ok, but be sure not to cinch it too tightly.

Not Trimming Often Enough

It’s easy to put off going to see your stylist, especially if you’re growing your hair out. But unkempt hair means more mangle and more split-ends. Visiting your stylist for a quick trim every 4-6 weeks is a good rule of thumb. In the meantime, make sure incorporate Reviv3 Mend in your regimen at least twice a month to protect against split-ends and hair damage. 

Using Dirty Beauty Supplies

Something many of us don’t think about is whether our beauty products are clean or not. Heating tools build grime over time and hair brushes accumulate oils and dead skin cells (gross!). Clean your supplies about once a month, wipe down heating tools and let your hair brush soak in baking soda and water to remove that unwanted dirt.

Shampooing Your Hair too Much or too Little

You’re likely not taking into consideration where you live when shampooing your hair. Varying climates have a huge effect on how moisture stays in our hair throughout the week. For those of us in humid climates, you should be shampooing your hair no more than twice a week. For those of us in the drier areas of the world, 3-4 times is a good target to aim for.

Not Conditioning Enough

At a minimum, you should be conditioning your hair in the shower 1-2 times a week, and 3-4 times if you live in a drier climate. Using a deep hair conditioning masque once a week is never a bad idea either.

Using a Towel to Dry

Much like our cotton pillowcases, many towels can be incredibly fibrous, and work to agitate our cuticles and pull apart our natural strands. Instead of bombarding your head with cotton, use a softer microfiber towel after hopping out of the shower.

Skipping Heat Protection

When we think about staying protected from the sun we usually have our skin in mind. But the sun can take a toll on our hair as well. Exposure to the sun causes our hair to dry out and weaken over time. Using a thermal protector spray will not only help keep your hair moisturized throughout the day, but will also reduce the amount of split-ends and breakage in your hair.

Using too Many Products

Too many products and chemicals in your hair each day is never a good thing. If you’re using more than 3-4 products each morning, consider cutting down to the essentials. Allowing your hair to breathe and be itself as much as possible will lead to healthier and happier strands.

For more hair care tips, visit our blog. And be sure to check out our line of chemical and alcohol free hair products to let your natural beauty shine!

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