Oily Hair? Here's What You Need To Know

Oily hair is often the result of negligence or due to the hair being dried out by substandard hair products. This can also happen after a lot of exercise or when the hair is exposed to excessive heat and humidity. But maybe this oil is causing you irritation or maybe you have a tendency to sweat more than you would like?

The truth is, every circumstance is different because some hair types produce more oil than others. Also, it’s important to remember that oil is not a bad thing entirely as this oil is responsible for protecting the scalp and maintaining the health of your hair. However, sometimes we need to take steps to reduce the extent of oil buildup on the scalp and then apply some extra care to help maintain the overall health of our hair.

And what can you actually do to solve the problem of oily hair?

Hair care products are undoubtedly the best way to address oily hair but before we go there, let’s take a look at why oil buildup happens in the first place...


Why Oily Hair Can Happen to Anyone

Believe it or not, washing your hair too often can contribute to oil buildup. It’s true, washing the hair too often causes the scalp to produce more oil and so it’s better to at least wait a day or two before washing your hair again. Do you also brush your hair after every wash? Brushing your hair tends to drag sweat and sebum away from your scalp and into hair cuticles. Oil is then distributed with every brush and this sends messages to the scalp to produce more oil. Something similar happens when you use a straightener and hot tools that are likely to trigger the sweat glands. That being said, washing without shampoo does not combat oily hair and many substandard hair products lack the ingredients needed to break down this oil and address the problem.


Why You Need to Pay Attention to Oily Hair

Potential hydrogen (pH) refers to the level of acidity in your hair. It’s important to level out this pH in order to protect and maintain the health of your scalp/hair. You see, a dose of acidity can help your hair/skin as these acids help combat free radicals and microbes that cause damage and increase the general aging process. With this in mind, whether you happen to be dealing with itchiness, irritation or just oily hair, this might mean that you need to better balance the pH level of your scalp and hair.

Studies also indicate that excessive oil in the hair can lead to thinning as this accumulation of oil can clog up hair follicles. It’s one of the more serious concerns when it comes to oily hair and relatively common when the matter is left untreated. Oily hair is also a common reason for irritation and one that can leave the hair looking rather unhealthy to say the least. Whether this is due to negligence, your environment or simply using the wrong products, oily hair happens and it needs to be addressed.

And this is where the benefits of high quality hair products come into play....


The Benefits of High Quality Shampoo and Conditioner

Shampoo contains a series of ingredients called detergents and surfactants that help remove oil from the hair. That said, these cleaning agents also remove sweat, dirt or any other type of buildup and even pollutants collected from the environment. Meanwhile, conditioners consist of natural oils and extracts that keep the hair smooth, soft and shiny and then leave a protective film on the hair after a proper rinse.


Here are some examples of the benefits of shampoo and conditioner:


Removal of Oil/Dirt - High quality shampoo improves the condition of your hair and removes most oil which leaves the hair feeling more softer/nice. It’s true that rinsing with water can help but a proper cleaning agent is needed to break down oil or dirt.


Strengthening Follicles - Conditioner is proven to strengthen hair follicles and protect these follicles from incurring any damage from the sun. This also applies to heat in general and ensures your hair is protected in every type of environment.


Hair Fragrance - The vitamins, minerals and oils in a high quality shampoo stimulate the scalp and hair follicles. These often include natural oils which give off a natural fragrance and this is always much better than any amount of artificial ingredients that might leave the hair smelling “nice”!


Hair Color - High quality shampoo and conditioner is not harsh in terms of application which means it can help preserve the color of hair - especially if the hair-color has been treated. This means you can use certain high quality products to remove oil and dirt but without removing any color from your hair at the same time.


Replenish and Rejuvenate - High quality shampoo and conditioner can replenish and rejuvenate the scalp which helps when it comes to addressing oily hair. More specifically, these hair products will balance out the pH of your hair and ensure your scalp is not only looking better but also producing the right amount of oil.


While these are just a few examples of how hair products can improve the health of your hair, you should see that these benefits directly combat most problems associated with oily hair.


Final Thoughts

If oily hair is a concern, Reviv3 products can help remove excess sebum from the hair and rejuvenate the scalp. Reviv3’s 3 Part System also strikes the proper balance between shampoo and conditioner so that they don’t weigh down your hair and allow for a gentle wash that will leave your hair with the right amount of oil.

Moral of the story? High quality hair products are the best way to treat and alleviate any problems associated with oily hair.

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