5 Hairstyles Proven To Increase Hair Growth

There are so many ways to wear our hair – but as we blogged recently, some of them can harm the scalp and disrupt healthy hair growth. Today, however, we’re looking at five hairstyles that can actually promote healthy hair growth. Hairstyles that still look great but take far less toll on your head.

So in no particular order, let’s dive in.

  1. Air-Dry Natural Loose Curls:

That pesky hair dryer might save you time but wow, does it take its toll on your head. All that heat damage does not do a body good so try letting your hair air-dry once in a while. Air-drying reduces split ends with the additional benefit that by allowing cool air to dry, each strand we wind up with stronger hair follicles. You might want to try our Repair Masque that strengthens, revives elasticity, repairs damage, controls frizz, and limits chemical stress of all hair types while giving you shine and ease of styling.

  1. Loose Low Side Braid

In a previous blog we discussed how tight braids can put unwanted (and unrelenting) pressure on hair follicles. A loose braid does the job you need without adding that stress. For a minimal pull, we recommend using a small, clear elastic or scrunchie. Of course, Reviv3 Procare Thickening Spray helps too by giving your hair a natural hold while simultaneously helping the hair repair itself.

  1. Half Up Half Down Loose Do

Looking for an elegant hairstyle that can be worn both in the office and then out during the evening? Simply secure your hair half up and half down with a couple of gently placed bobby pins. This allows the hair to breathe and lay naturally. We recommend using bamboo, plastic, or nylon bobby pins (no metal) because they’re easier on the hair. If you’ve already experienced hair damage, check out our BOOST Biotin Cellular Complex because it targets the hair follicles that need stimulating and uses microcirculation to bring nutrients to the hair roots.

  1. Scrunchie Up Do

Scrunchies are much gentler on your hair and have been shown to reduce breakage when compared to elastics, hair ties, and regular ponytail holders. So if you want to wear your hair up, scrunchie it! You can use that versatile scrunchie to make a loose bun updo or a gentle low ponytail, both of which are easier on our hair follicles. And think about adding Reviv3’s PROTECT Thermal Protector to your regimen as it’s designed to restore vitality and shine, reduce frizziness, and provide thermal protection from heat.

  1. Natural Flowing Hair Down

Believe it or not, the hair grows its longest and its strongest when worn down and flowing. If you absolutely must use a hair dryer then use it on the coolest setting. In fact, rinsing shampoo and conditioner with cool water has been shown to benefit our hair too. Just check our Reviv3 Three Part System that is scientifically proven to clean your scalp and allow new hair follicles to grow again.

These hairstyles are ways you can treat your hair well while looking good at the same time. But to ensure your scalp and hair follicles are working at maximum output, go with Reviv3.

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