What Causes Hair To Fall Out?

What causes our hair to fall out? It’s a question that’s stressful enough to make us pull out our own hair! Every day, we naturally lose around 50-100 hairs but that doesn’t explain why we experience major hair loss. So why does our hair fall out? And – better yet – what can we do to stop it?

Reasons To Be Fearful

Hair Damage

The more stuff you do to your hair, the more it breaks down. For example, if you’re dyeing your hair then you’re allowing chemicals to remove its protective layer and that, in turn, leaves strands thinner and more apt to break. It’s not just dyeing that causes problems either; straightening/curling the hair, UV, and chlorine can lead to hair loss.


The major cause for hair loss is getting older. A combination of our unique genetics and our age sees the width of our hair strands get reduced and some follicles cease producing hair entirely.


We all, at some point, arrive at “the change” which brings with it a drop in hormones. That, unfortunately, can lead to hair loss as can other body changes such as pregnancy or sudden weight loss.


Stressed much? That can also lead to hair loss but, fortunately, it’s not something you need to worry much about as stress is not a major factor. So stop stressing!

Reasons To Be Cheerful

It’s not all bad though! There are some great ways to deal with thinning hair. They include:

Being Healthier

Start using vitamins and nutrients. A supplement or two could also be helpful – not just to your hair’s health but your overall state of well-being.

Trimming Regularly

Because our ends break easily, it’s good to get them trimmed regularly to prevent further damage. There are also certain cuts that can make your hair look fuller by adding volume at the crown. Just ask your hairdresser.


We have a variety of products that clean your scalp, that are clinically tested to increase hair strength by up to 300%. Our products increase volume and thickness as well as returning the scalp to a healthy condition in order to grow healthy hair. We recommend:

3-Part Starter System

The starter system includes Prep, Prime and Treat which protect the hair and scalp from DHT build-up when used daily.


Used twice daily, Boost uses microcirculation to bring nutrients to the hair roots. It protects against sun damage, used in areas such as hairlines and crown or any area where you can easily see the scalp.


Mend is a deep penetrating masque designed to strengthen, revive elasticity, repair damage, control frizz and limit chemical stress of all hair types while giving you shine and ease of styling.

A regiment of Reviv3, trimming, and living a healthier lifestyle should all help in stopping your hair from falling out but you have to commit to them!

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