Revive VPro

The VPro Cycle

The Revive Cycle is our unique 6-step process for preserving revitalizing healthy hair and skin. Informed by science,and created with natural ingredients, our products are formulated to sustain and repair your body’s natural balance. Rooted in respect
for nature’s wisdom, we recognize your best features and enhance them with the latest beauty technology.


VPRO Eyelash Serum

VPRO Eyelash Serum is a growth factor serum designed to provide a thicker, longer appearance to eyelashes for all skin types.

Eye Renewal

VPRO Eye Renewal Complex

V-PRO Eye Renewal Complex contains biological elements to stimulate collagen production that naturally occurs in young, healthy skin. Smoothing peptides also help tighten and lift sagging skin, reduce the appearance of dark circles,
and support healthy skin in the vulnerable under-eye area by encouraging improved circulation.

Our Purpose

Our passion for healthy skin and hair drives us. Our new line of eye, brow, and eyelash products are a reflection of that passion and are crafted using high quality, all natural ingredients that are proven to support healthy, natural skin and hair.