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3 Steps to Thicker, Stronger, Fuller Hair

Reviv3 is clinically tested and proven effective to strengthen hair, reduce hair thinning due to breakage and improve volume, thickness and shine in women and men.


Our Promise is Simple


60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Try Reviv3 for 60 days with no risk. And if your hair is not loving Reviv3 and you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, just return your products for a full refund.

Beautiful Hair, Beautiful You


Clinically Proven Results in Just 30 Days


Increase In Hair Strength


Reduction in Broken Fibers


Of Participants showed Improved Hair Thickness


Overall Participant Satisfaction Rating

To prove how effective Reviv3 is, we subjected it to a rigorous study from a nationally recognized independent laboratory. The results speak for themselves.

Used in High-End Salons Across The Country

Once exclusive to salon professionals in Italy, REVIV3 Procare healthy hair products were later introduced to top hair salons in the United States and Canada.


“This system from Reviv3 ProCare is formulated as skin care products for the scalp. Everyone I have used it on has repurchased.”

- Kristoff Ball Salon, Beverly Hill, CA

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Always Healthy, Never Harmful


Sulfate Free


Paraben Free


Cruelty Free

Reviv3 Targets Hair Loss in 3 Simple Steps


Step 1: Prep

Deep cleans and exfoliates to remove product buildup, wash away DHT, and unclog pores to prepare your scalp for Steps 2 and 3.


Step 2: Prime

Infuses your hair with 16 naturally derived extracts and amino acids to nourish your scalp and encourage stronger hair growth.


Step 3: Treat

Activates follicle stem cells to trigger repair and protect against shrinkage. Reduces scalp inflammation, increases microcirculation, and delivers 15 active peptides that promote thicker, stronger hair.

  • Blocks the formation of DHT, a hormone known to cause hair loss
  • Shielded Micro Technology® prevents follicle clogging due to product buildup and environmental residues
  • Increases hair strength up to 300%, reducing breakage and promoting hair retention

Buy Now And Revitalize Your Hair in Just 30 Days

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Our Promise is Simple:

Try Reviv3 for 60 days with no risk. And if your hair is not loving Reviv3 and you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, just return your products for a full refund.


3-Part System

Hair Restoration Full Kit

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The Reviv3 Procare System is a 3-part system that is clinically tested and proven effective to make hair 3x stronger, increase volume, fullness and thickness for fine, thin looking and thinning hair while returning the scalp to a healthy condition to grow healthy hair.

The 3-part system consists of 3 products in a Kit (boxed) format that contains:

  • PREP – Cleanser/Shampoo 5.1 oz,
  • PRIME – Moisture+ Conditioner 5.1 oz,
  • TREAT – Micro-Activ3(R) Treatment Spray 2.6 oz. for nutrient uptake increasing microcirculation on the scalp skin. PREP and PRIME are also available in 10.1 oz and 25.4 oz TREAT: treatment spray is also available in 5.1 oz.

Yes, the Reviv3 Procare line consists of 7 products:

Two (2) additional Corrective Products:

BOOST – Biotin Cellular Complex 1.7 oz; An intensive anti-thinning serum used on areas of the scalp where you can see the scalp skin through the hair or where the hair is missing.

MEND – Deep Repair Hair Masque 5.1 oz; Repairs split-ends and damage to hair strands while hydrating and sealing moisture that hair needs for more shine, comb ability, easier styling and beautiful silkiness, all without adding weight. Perfect for all hair types.

Plus, two (2) additional Styling Products:

THICKEN – Thickening Spray 6.8 oz; An alcohol-free body and volume building styling spray that increase hair volume and thickness, increase shine and texture and provide UV protection. Formulated with essential nutrients that support scalp health.

PROTECT – Thermal Protector Spray 6.8 oz; An alcohol-free spray applied before blow drying, hair is protected from the heat of blow dryers, flat and curling irons. Detangles, protects and maintains protein and moisture, controls frizziness and adds shine. Formulated with ingredients and vitamin complexes that support scalp health.

Products in the Reviv3 kit range from 81% - 95% natural herbs and botanicals. That final 5% is due to us adjusting our formula for maximum effectiveness. We do not add any synthetic ingredients, but we are altering some of the ingredients slightly during the process of creating the product. This prevents us from claiming to be 100% natural.

Of course, we look at all our stylists as “All-Stars” and many of them are considered All-Stars by most all standards. Officially, we are working with Kristoff Ball of Beverly Hills. Kristoff has embraced the Reviv3 Procare approach to healthy hair and scalp and has his celebrity clients loving it too.

Indefinitely. The use of Reviv3 products may be as long as the individual desires to maintain an optimum scalp environment and to help improve the appearance of fine or thinning hair.

A great majority of people who use the 3-part system will notice an increase in hair density, volume, increased shine and texture.

Other products address the dead Keratin fiber called “Hair,” cleaning and moisturizing the hair fiber to make the hair shiny and smooth. Reviv3 products are formulated very differently. They are first and foremost skin care products for the scalp, which is a living organic tissue, then adapted to work on hair in that environment. Thus, Reviv3 products are restoring moisture and essential nutrients to the scalp's skin while still providing the “cleansing” and “performance” that any customer would demand from a world-class hair care product.