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Reviv3 Procare Ingredient Questions

  • Do Reviv3 products contain minoxidil?

    No, Reviv3 products do not contain minoxidil.

  • Do Reviv3 products contain alcohol?

    No, Reviv3 products do not contain damaging alcohol.

  • What is the active part of the Reviv3 BOOST-Biotin Cellular Complex®?

    There are no single active ingredients in Reviv3 products. There are proprietary complexes in each product. The Complexes in BOOST-Biotin Cellular Complex® are:

    • Advanced Respiratory Complex: Helps renewal of the next layer of skin through exfoliation of dead skin cells.
    • Botanical Extracts: Anti-irritant, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits, prevents hair miniaturization and protects against environmental residue.
    • Chelated Vitamin Complex: Supports microcirculation and a healthy scalp environment.
  • Are Reviv3 products natural?

    Reviv3 products are 95% natural containing natural herbs and botanicals.

Chemically Treated Hair

  • Is it safe to perm, use keratin straightener or color your hair while using Reviv3 products?

    Yes, if you perm, color or use keratin straightener, we recommend using Reviv3 three-part system for chemically enhanced hair to help safe guard the scalp skin when receiving a chemical service. Reviv3 three-part system also contains a complex called the Colour-Plex, which helps to extend the longevity of your hair color and is completely safe for hair treated with a keratin straightener.

  • How long after a relaxer can you apply BOOST-Biotin Cellular Complex® or TREAT-Micro-Active3 Treatment?

    Always follow the recommendation of the manufacturer of the chemical service. As a general rule, Reviv3 treatments may be used immediately following a chemical service.

  • Will Reviv3 change or strip color from the hair?

    No REVIV3 will not change or strip your hair color even after frequent use.

Product Use

  • How often do I use the three-part system?

    For the best results, use daily. If you are not able to use the three-part system every day, use the three-part system as often as possible.

  • Can individuals who shampoo once a week use Reviv3?

    Yes, all users will benefit from using Reviv3 products. However, maximum results will be achieved when used daily as recommended.

  • Is it necessary to use a specific type of brush or comb while using Reviv3 products?

    A wide toothcomb or brushing gently is recommended in the instructions of a few products, but in general terms there are no specific types recommended.

  • Can Minoxidil and Reviv3 be used together?

    Individuals using products containing Minoxidil may use Reviv3 PREP- Cleanser, Reviv3 PRIME-Moisture+ Conditioner, Reviv3 MEND-Deep Repair Hair Masque and Reviv3 styling products. However, it is not recommended to use TREAT-Micro-Active3 Treatment or BOOST-Biotin Cellular Complex® in conjunction with the use of the Minoxidil.

  • Can an individual use Reviv3 products at the same time as Propecia*?

    Yes. Reviv3 products are applied to help improve the scalp environment to address the appearance of thinning hair and may be used simultaneously with Propecia.

    *Propecia is a registered trademark and product of Merck & Co. Inc.

  • Is Reviv3 safe to use during pregnancy or breast-feeding?

    Reviv3 scalp and hair care systems are recommended to help maintain a healthy scalp environment and help prevent textural changes through the post-natal period. There are no known side effects from using Reviv3 products while pregnant. Note: Always consult with your physician during pregnancy, when breastfeeding or undergoing any other medical treatments.

  • How long can I use Reviv3 products?

    Indefinitely. The use of Reviv3 products may be as long as the individual desires to maintain an optimum scalp environment and to help improve the appearance of fine or thinning hair.

  • Can individuals with alopecia use Reviv3 products?

    Yes, Reviv3 products are used to promote a healthy scalp environment and improve the appearance of thinning hair.

  • Are there any side effects if you discontinue using Reviv3 products?

    No, there are no known side effects from either using or discontinuing the use of Reviv3 products. If you no longer use Reviv3 products, you no longer receive the benefits they give the scalp.

  • Should the TREAT-Micro-Active3 Treatment and BOOST-Biotin Cellular Complex® be used together? In which order are they used?

    If your scalp is visible through your hair, you should use both Boost and Treat with daily cleansing. If you cannot see the scalp, you do not need Boost. The following regimen is recommended:

    • Shampoo with PREP(Cleanser) and rinse
    • Condition with PRIME(Moisture+ Conditioner), rinse then towel dry hair
    • Apply BOOST(Biotin Cellular Complex®) and leave in.
    • Follow with TREAT(Micro-Active3 Treatment) and leave in.
    • Style as desired
  • Are Reviv3 products beneficial for individuals losing hair due to genetics?

    Reviv3 is not a drug based hair loss product but a scalp and hair care regimen designed to improve the scalp health environment and improve the appearance of fine and thin looking hair. Regardless of the many contributing factors associated with thinning, using Reviv3 to create an optimum scalp environment helps encourage healthy, thicker-looking hair.

  • Can Reviv3 be used during chemotherapy?

    Reviv3 products may be used during chemotherapy. Hair loss (alopecia) is a common side effect of chemotherapy treatments. Not all chemotherapy drugs cause hair loss and some drugs only cause thinning of the hair or cause it to become brittle. Reviv3 products are safe for use during chemotherapy treatments and help promote a healthy scalp environment. Common Sense Note: Always consult with your doctor before using any product when undergoing medical treatments.

  • Can individuals with Hair Extensions use Reviv3 products?

    Yes, individuals with hair extension can use Reviv3 products.

  • Is the PREP-Cleanser more effective in removing environmental residues if used twice?

    Using Reviv3 PREP-Cleanser twice does not improve the effectiveness of removing environmental residue and DHT, however, if you use a lot of styling products and hairspray, a second lathering is recommended.

Sensitivities or scalp conditions

  • Are some people allergic to Reviv3 products?

    There is always the very rare possibility that a specific individual may be sensitive or have a reaction to an ingredient in any product, including Reviv3.

  • Are Reviv3 products gluten free?

    No, this is not a problem unless you ingest the product. However, if you have any concerns with allergies, please consult a physician before use.

  • Do Reviv3 products help with dandruff?

    Reviv3 Three-part system we return the scalp to a healthy state and help in controlling all scalp concerns.

  • Can individuals who are using cortisone creams to address psoriasis use Reviv3?

    ndividuals who apply any medical treatment to their scalp, as a common sense precaution, should consult their physician before using Reviv3 products.

General Information about Reviv3 products

  • Is it normal to see a sudden increase in the amount of hair you are losing?

    As much as 15% of the hairs on the scalp are in the Telogen phase at any given time. (Telogen is the resting phase when the mature hair is being shed and replaced). During the Telogen phase there is little or no connection between the hair and the follicle, but the hair may become “trapped” in buildup on the scalp and appear to remain in the follicle longer than it should. Using the Reviv3 system will help to remove buildup and thereby release the hair in the Telogen phase more quickly. It is normal for a healthy scalp to shed up to 100 hairs a day so you may observe an increase in the first few weeks of cleansing your hair effectively. The treatments in the Reviv3 system are designed to leave the hair and scalp looking better than before their application.

  • Will Reviv3 products help reduce static electricity in the hair?

    Due to winter cold and dryness, heat in buildings, wearing hats, etc., fine hair tends to have more static electricity. Providing moisture usually helps and Reviv3 products will do this. It is recommended to leave the PRIME-Moisture+ Conditioner on for 1-3 minutes.

  • Does the Reviv3 MEND-Deep Repair Hair Masque enter the cortex of the hair?

    Yes, the Reviv3 Mend-Deep Repair Hair Masque enters the cortex of the hair.

  • Which of the 3 products (PREP-Cleanser, PRIME-Moisture+ Conditioner or TREAT-Micro-Active3 Treatment) removes environmental residue from the scalp skin?

    PREP-Cleanser will remove environmental residue from the scalp skin; TREAT will protect the scalp from environmental residues. All products work in concert to improve the overall scalp environment.

  • Do Reviv3 products contain thermal protection?

    PROTECT-Thermal Protector is a highly effective protection against the high heat of blow dryers and flat irons. PRIME-Moisture+ Conditioner will also aid in heat protection.

  • Are Reviv3 products water-soluble?

    Yes, all current Reviv3 products are water soluble, in that they diffuse/solubilize through water.

  • Do Reviv3 products remove DHT?

    Daily use of the Reviv3 system cleanses excess sebum containing elevated levels of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) from the scalp and hair.

  • What makes Reviv3 different from any other hair care regimen?

    Most other products address the dead keratin fiber called “hair”, cleansing and moisturizing the hair fiber to make the hair shiny and smooth. Reviv3 products are formulated very differently. They are first and foremost skin care products for the scalp, which is a living organic tissue, then adapted to work on hair in that environment. Thus, Reviv3 products are removing environmental residues, removing build up left behind by other hair care products and restoring moisture and moisturizing nutrients to the scalp skin while still providing the “cleansing” and “moisturizing” that any customer would demand from a world-class hair care product.

  • What type of results can I expect from using Reviv3?

    9 out of 10 people who use the 3-part system will notice an increase in hair density, volume, better moisture control, and a thickening effect.

  • How long does it take before I begin to see a difference?

    People with fine and thin looking hair may see an increase in thickness and volume within 30 days.

  • What is the pH Balance of PREP-Cleanser?

    All Reviv3 products have a pH range of 5.0 to 6.5, depending on the product.

  • Are Reviv3 products considered Vegan?

    No, Reviv3 products are not considered vegan.

  • Do Reviv3 products have a shelf life?

    Reviv3 products have a 12 months shelf life after opening by the consumer. Once the product has been open for more than 12 months it may not be as effective as it once was.

  • Does Reviv3 conduct any animal testing?

    No. Animal tests are neither conducted nor commissioned for Reviv3 products, formulations or ingredients.


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