hairstyles to increase hair growth loose side braid

5 Hairstyles Proven To Increase Hair Growth

There are so many ways to wear our hair – but as we blogged recently, some of them can harm the scalp and disrupt healthy hair growth. Today, however, we’re looking at five hairstyles that can actually promote healthy hair growth. Hairstyles that still look great but take far less toll on your head.

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is drinking causing my hair loss

Is Drinking Causing My Hair Loss?

Many people enjoy a glass of wine over dinner or a cocktail with friends after work. Alcohol, after all, provides the social lubrication for so many of our encounters. Saint Patrick’s Day is another reason to hit the pubs and celebrate. But have you ever stopped to wonder if booze is behind hair loss? You may need a drink before you read any further…

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difference between dandruff and dry scalp

The Difference Between Dandruff and Dry Scalps

Today we’re taking a quick but important look at the difference between dandruff and dry scalps. You see, dandruff and dry scalps may share the same main symptoms – falling flakes and itchy scalp – but they’re two entirely different conditions. In one – dry scalp – the skin is dealing with irritation. In the other – dandruff – the cause is an excess of oil on the scalp.

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What Causes Hair To Fall Out?

What causes our hair to fall out? It’s a question that’s stressful enough to make us pull out our own hair! Every day, we naturally lose around 50-100 hairs but that doesn’t explain why we experience major hair loss. So why does our hair fall out? And – better yet – what can we do to stop it?

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7 Hairstyles That Can Lead To Hair Loss

We all want to look great – and for many of us, our hair is our crowning glory. There are so many things we can do with it too. Braids, pigtails, perms, waves, feathers, bangs, afros, buns, shags, pony tales… the list is endless and each style suits different people. But did you know that some hairstyles can lead to hair loss? Permanent hair loss? Now that’s a bad hair day.

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